Face Fit Testing for International Customer in Kyrgyzstan

PPE Services Caricom N.V. successful in carrying out Face Fit Tests for International Customer in Kyrgyzstan

Proud and appreciated that PPE Services Caricom N.V. recently received and has successfully completed the order to carry out Face Fit Testing for an internationally operating customer in Kyrgyzstan (Kirgistan).

On behalf of our customer, we used the advanced Quantifit face fit test equipment to ensure an accurate and thorough testing procedure. These tests are of utmost importance for ensuring the safety of workers wearing respiratory protection. Correctly fitting and adjusting respiratory protective equipment is essential to provide optimal protection against harmful substances and particles. Thanks to our expert execution of the Face Fit Tests, our customers can rest assured that their employees are adequately protected during their work.

We are proud of the positive feedback we have received from our customer and always strive to maintain the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Contact us for more information about our Face Fit Testing and other safety services we offer. We are ready to support your security needs wherever you operate in the world.

BLS respiratory protective equipment

PPE Services Caricom N.V. is now the official distributor of BLS respiratory protective equipment.

BLS designs, develops and produces complete respiratory protection solutions that are certified for all industrial environments, with more or less high concentrations of dust, smoke, gases and vapors. BLS has developed a complete range of medical healthcare respiratory protective equipment to reduce the risks of potential exposure to airborne solids and non-volatile liquid aerosols and to provide protection against biological agents.

The most common products from the BLS line are stocked as standard in our safety shop in Suriname!

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